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A coach encourages people to work on top of their abilities.

A coach brings out our strengths and helps to overcome our obstacles and personal limits in order to achieve the best of ourselves in daily life and to reach clear objectives.

Coaching is for people who want to grow up and improve them-selves.

Coaching is for anyone wishing to develop or transform their personal and / or profesional life.

A coach supports his client in the reflection of his own solutions, strategies and plans to put them into action.

The purpose of coaching is to help his clients move forward their own and full autonomy.

Coaching is the accompaniment of a person who wants to feel better and live better.

Coaching is oriented to solutions and objectives rather than to problems.

Coaching is focus on our personal power.

Coaching brings out our impulse of life, the desire to deploy, our smile and joy of life.

A coach is an unconditional, positive and constructive partner.



  • A caring, opened and respectful listening.
  • An accompaniment oriented to personal development and change. Followed by precise actions and a constructive and positive feedback to facilitate the achievement of your goals.

I help my clients


  • To identify their present moment. Which are the facts and what is happening ?
  • To find their problems and also their resources.
  • To identify their goals and dreams. What do you really want ?
  • To work out on strategies and effective actions.
  • To act in accordance with their well-being, needs and values.
  • To combine their personal balance, family life and professional activities.
  • To better use their energy and resources and how to get more.
  • To prepare themselves for specific situations like life transitions, changing countries, carrier reorientations…
  • To speed up their personal development.