A successful expatriation is evolving as an individual but also as a family group.


  • Are you moving abroad for a personal or professional project ?
  • Are you an expat’s Partner ? Following your partner abroad is an important decision. How to manage ?
  • Does your family present adaptation problems to new life conditions ?
  • Do your children have problems in their new life abroad ?
  • Are you afraid of the unknown, afraid of leaving behind your family, fear of not adapting yourself to the new local culture ?
  • Are you having difficulties managing everything at the same time, the cultural gap, the move, the local language, the fulfillment of your children and yourself ?


I can help you to find in expatriation positive motivations such as opportunities and personal and professional satisfactions. You will discover and be amazed by a new culture, a new language, new friends and new activities… an extraordinary human adventure.

Expatriation is a huge challenge. You will have to face it with patience, flexibility and openness for this experience to become an amazing adventure of personal development. Options and opportunities are deployed before you to reinvent yourself.

Your talents and abilities are requested in this challenge for a new life.